For a moral centered and Christ driven nation, you would not believe startling headlines of this sort, but alas, here we are. Headlines confirmed by Zambia’s minister of Information and Broadcasting, Hon. Dora Siliya who stated that a survey by the World Health Organization (WHO), has unveiled that Zambian Women where at the top of the list as the highest Alcohol Consumers world wide.

If that shocks you, wait till you hear this. This news is not the first of its kind! In the year of 2014, data compiled by the World Health Organization said no nation has harder-drinking women than Zambia, where 41 percent binge drink at least once a week.

In a publication by the Washington Post reports four years ago, survey said If you’re a Zambian, you’re probably drunk at least once per week.

If these reports are fact and without fault, one is left thinking what the underlying ‘problem’ could be.

The Mainstream

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