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The system, it was never built to suit someone of my likeness. Me, a young mother, trying to piece herself together; get a degree and realize a goal long awakened in me, when it was just one. But now, profoundly reinvented to suffice for two. Everyday I see, that the system was never built for me.

We live in a time granted with the means to take a peep into each others lives. Through a glass window we call social media, we like to think we see a lot, but on the contrary we never see enough.

‘The young successful moms’, we see them a lot more now, cheering them on as they vehemently chant their believe and achieve slogans. What we don’t see is the real heartache behind their success. And this…It boggles my mind with a million questions because...I struggle.

Yes, I do struggle. Let me be the first to admit. I’m not your text book super mom; juggling a baby, two jobs, school and effortlessly maintaining her stature in elite social circles. That isn’t me. So, who am I?  Human, and like a human being,  I crumble, I tire, I deteriorate and in more than one way, I am imperfect. Some days I feel I can do it all, you know – be an amazing mom, do all my assignments right on time, contribute massively business wise and just be present. While on other days, I feel I can do only one thing; and that’s to keep my child safe.

You see, there isn’t much guidance out there for people like myself. In an information era holding tens of thousands of public figures who stand as sources of motivation for the youth, writing books on ‘how to attain success’ or ‘how to be a millionaire.’ There isn’t much for young mothers to go by. No book describing the nitty-gritty of it, telling you how to create a balance, both financial and mental. Or how to deal with the stigma, and no one ascertaining you that you are not crazy – for even if your child is the greatest gift, there will be tears.

Most of what is available are figures and campaigns standing against early motherhood – which are great I must say. But what of those who already fell into that hole? What about us?  Do we not deserve guidance?

You sort of go about it helter-skelter and figure it out as you go. The inevitable late nights and involuntary early mornings that leave you in a zombie state, half functional. Absenteeism is without a doubt not an option, because your lecturer doesn’t care, neither does society, and time will surely not wait on you.

Looking at all these success stories and people that seemed to glide their way through a similar situation, often left me feeling weak. In my head I questioned myself; “Do I really have the makings of a fighter?”


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