Unveiling the Success of Lusaka July 2018

It was the epitome of opulent glamour, the foreground for event versatility and a juncture of all things exquisite. And without the need to mention, we believe, Lusaka July 2018 is the event that instinctively comes to mind.

Saturday, the 14th of July, was a day that saw the unveiling of one of Zambia's most prestigious annual events. On this day, the red carpet was rolled out in anticipation of 'royalty', who were to grace it in accordance with the theme; 'Colony of Wealth'. A theme well executed by both local and international attendants, who came out in numbers to  'experience the glamour of Polo'. One said to have been designed to encourage attendants to express the richness and diversity of African fashion, and imagine themselves as royalty through their outfits.

But one question still stands in the minds of many; "Was Lusaka July 2018 a success?" And without a doubt, we say; "Yes, it was a success". Why so? For starters, the event is one of a kind and can not be compared to any other in the country. If it's success was determined by the comparison of a similar event, that would lead us to compare it to it's prior occurrence; Lusaka July 2017, of which it surpassed. The prestigious event was conceptualized and realized by PR Girl Media, a public relations and consultancy firm, owned by sister duo; Chishimba and Monde Nyambe, who worked tirelessly to exceed their preliminary efforts. Commenting on the success of their event, the sister duo said;

“This is a multi-faceted event, it’s about the fashion but also aims to cater for sports fans with competitive polo matches played along the social activities. This year, we have seen the fusion of fashion and polo in a way that can only get better in the years to come”

The subsequential uproar on social media that painted each and everyone's timeline with a glimpse of Lusaka July, is one of many reasons proving it's success. Attendees of the event were left in awe, and those that did not attend, were left coveting. In it's core purpose, the one of a kind event was an evident success. It did not solely see that attendants feel like royalty through their apparel, but provided an experience fit for a royal from beginning to end, for both standard and VIP guests.

The event, which was an effortless blend of fashion, Polo, gourmet food and music, started off at noon, with guests being greeted by classical tunes upon arrival, played by an orchestra. Gracing the event, were some of the most glamorous and fashionable individuals and personalities from the greater city of Lusaka and across boarders. International personalities such as; Ghana's Nadia Buari, South Africa's Maps Maponyane, Namibia's Dillish Matthews, and local acts; Cleo Ice Queen, Macky 2, Chef 187, Mampi, Bombshell and many others, were all in attendance. 

Bombshell & Cassy

For an event that hosted so many prominent individuals, one would expect an environment of timidity. But, on the contrary, the event provided for a unique, warm and relaxed atmosphere. Allowing maximized networking and interaction, whilst wining and dining, coupled with good music. In an effort to get an overview of the guest social experience, we spoke to two attendees who requested for anonymity, and they said;

"The Zambian female personalities were  exclusive, but Zambian males were great! The PR girls themselves were very welcoming and inclusive of all guests. International guests were open and friendly within reason." ~Anonymous

"Honestly, almost everyone was super friendly. I was particularly impressed with Maps Maponyane, who is extremely down to earth." ~Anonymous

Mampi & Thandie

As a multi-faceted event, the Lusaka July seeks for the uncommon infusion of sport, that came to see an international Polo match between Australia and Zambia, of which the Zambian team reigned supreme. A part of the event that was the highlight of the day for sports enthusiasts and a source of intrigue to many, as Polo is an uncommon sport in Zambia.

The fashion show that began right before sundown was nothing short of grand. Local designers such as Gloria's Daughter and Nkanda Yatu, and international designers such as Mutani of Tanzania, each showcased an array of alluring apparel. Backing the showcase, was music by local band Afro red and vocalists such as Kuni, who complemented the event with topnotch compositions.

As promised, the night was concluded with an after party, having El Mukuka, DJ V Jeezy and Sebestien Dutch 'bring the house down' with urban rhythms. 'Good vibes', cheer and dance were the center of the night as the event came to a close.

Irrefutably, Lusaka July has made a historical mark and has become a 'must-attend' event in Zambia. One that strives to become a tourist attraction and continues to set the bar high for future events. Giving his sentiments on the event, highly acclaimed Zambian artist James Sakala said;

“Lusaka July 2018 is no longer an idea, it is here to stay and I am honoured to have performed at the prestigious event to a crowd of beautiful Zambians”

We don't know about you, but we certainly can not wait to see what PR Girl Media will have in store for next year's Lusaka July. After all, it can only get better. Till then, stay glamorous.

Maps Maponyane

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