Zambian Power Couple Become First Local ZARA Brand Ambassadors

Highly acclaimed Zambian artist Salma Sky and husband, media guru Tivo Shikapwashya, have become the first local ZARA Brand Ambassadors.

Mr & Mrs Shikapwashya

is an international Spanish fast fashion retailer based in Arteixo in Galicia, with over 2,200 stores worldwide. ZARA recently added an outlet to Zambia, which launched and officially opened to the general public earlier this year, on the 24th of May.


The news was announced earlier today, at midnight by Salma Sky - Mrs Shikapwashya. Who took to social media in a well anticipated post, as she sparked curiosity preliminarily, saying she had a 'special surprise' for her fans at midnight.

Prior to her official announcement, keen followers of the stylish artist had seen her affiliation with the newly launched brand. In perfectly composed photographs, Salma has stunned in an array of new age ZARA clothing. Hash tags of the clothing brand and their Designer Clearance Outlet store (DCO), have been the sole highlight of her posts.

Salma Sky

The couple that wedded in the year of 2013, and now parents of three, have been one of the biggest instigators of growth in the Zambian creative industry. Not long ago, during the month of May, Tivo Shikapwashya was elected president of the Zambian Association of Musicians - his term is set to run from 2018 to 2020. In the year of 2017, Mr Shikapwashya was named General Manager of Kwesé’s Free TV, Africa’s newest satellite network.

2013 - Wedding

His wife, Salma Sky continues to place Zambia on the map with her Afro-pop music. Her collaboration with Ghanian dance hall artist; Kaakie, is one that rocked the airwaves in the year 2017. Since the release of the collaboration called; Zambezi, Salma has gone on to release other songs such as her newest release; Triple threat. A song showcasing Salma's rarely seen word play using the art of rap, complemented by top-notch visuals.

With their newly acquired roles as ZARA ambassadors, we are in anticipation of their fashion forward display on social media and at public appearances. Without a doubt, ZARA stores will be having a lot more local clients, courtesy of their 'style-influencer' brand ambassadors.

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