Phenomenally Thirty.

Ever so often, walks a woman whose steps alone are enough to cause a dynamic shift. Whose presence, relives a room of it's heaviness, in a way that you could almost hear it sigh. Her voice... adheres to the cries of her younger self, from whom she draws strength to echo a message of inspiration, to the many who look up to her. One a nation should be proud to have bred — a woman such as Zambia's Natasha Van Der Maas.

Natasha, known to many for her role as co-host on Zambezi Magic's Zathu; a lifestyle magazine show, showcasing the very best within the unexplored Zambian lifestyle sphere. Is a woman who wears many hats. She is an entrepreneur, owning a luxurious floral arrangement company called Unforgettable Moments, while simultaneously running a Hair Salon; Hair to the Throne. The coordinator of the prominent beauty pageant; Miss Universe Zambia and a well seasoned Public Speaker. Ms. Van Der Maas, has not solely been an affiliate of the creative industry, but has been in the corporate scene too. She has an acquired education in the field of Business Management, which paved way for her to work with prestigious firms such as EcoBank and MTN Zambia.
Ms. Van Der Maas.

On the 25th of July, this phenomenal woman; Natasha Van Der Maas celebrated her 30th Birthday, and many with her... including us. Appreciating her not only for her achievements, but her unrelenting efforts to inspire a nation of ambitious women. It is not a mandatory exercise for prominent figures to dedicate their time to molding the young. But, it is definitely imperative for the ultimate betterment of our developing society. And Ms. Van Der Maas, understands this to it's depth.
To kick off her 30th birthday celebration, she hosted a 'Girl Chat', that saw 15 young ladies discuss their dreams, plans, goals, and more with the woman they aspire to be like. In an attempt to shed light on the thought behind the event, she took to social media saying;

"I deliberately decided to start my birthday celebrations early and kick off with a girl chat where I met the most amazing young ladies.
I have a strong passion for the youths and girls are my current focus...I envision a world where we as women realise our dreams and talents, nurture them and use them to the best of our abilities to improve our society both socially and economically...."

The Girl Chat.
Subsequently, she concluded her birthday celebration in an upbeat soirée at cafe and wine bar; Rhapsody's. Surrounded by friends, who included various socialites.

Surely by now, we are all well aware of the power of social media — a tool, vital for communication today. Ms. Van Der Maas in particular, utilizes it to put forth messages of strength, positivity and even to speak against colorism. A much needed voice, in a society that takes solace in relating beauty to lighter skin tones.
"Non of us is responsible for the complexion of our skin. This fact of nature offers no clue to the character or quality of a person.  complexion has nothing to do with our Morals, Beliefs or intelligence!"

Birthday Soirée.
Thirty, has definitely never looked better... and, never felt wiser. So here's to the woman who is Natasha Van Der Maas. The woman who takes the time to make a positive impact. To cultivate a generation of fiercely ambitious women. And, to being a woman; phenomenally. Like Ms. Vandermaas says;
We've all been kissed by the same sun.

Ms. Van Der Maas.

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