Know About — The Tanzanian Woman Taking Over Manufacturing.

Name: Jennifer Shigoli. 

Nationality: Tanzanian.

Occupation: Entrepreneur — Manufacturer.

Company: Malkia Investments Limited.

Jennifer Shigoli, is a highly acclaimed entrepreneur, specialized in manufacturing. She is the founder and CEO of a manufacturing company called Malkia Investments Limited, located in Tanzania.

Her company produces, distributes and sells a variety of consumer products. Goods produced range from household detergents branded 'Bubbly', to reusable/washable sanitary pads branded 'Elea'.

"Quality, Comfort and Affordability," is the core vision of the company, as told by the power-woman herself; Jennifer Shigoli. A vision that makes the brand popular among the masses.

Early Childhood.

Jennifer was born in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, however both her parents come from the central part of Tanzania in a region called Tabora.

She attained her highschool education at; Cornelius Girls School and completed it in the year 2008. Subsequently, Jennifer studied for a diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy at Central for Foreign Relations (CFR). She finally attended Tumaini University, yet again in Tanzania, were she attained a Bachelor of Law.

Entrepreneurial Journey.

Jennifer Shigoli began to cultivate an entrepreneurial lifestyle in the year 2005. While in high School, she would buy earrings, bangles and other accessories at a local market called 'Kariakoo', and sell them to fellow students and people in the street. Her sole motivation at the time was the fear of not having sufficient pocket money, resulting in the development of an entrepreneurial passion.

When asked about her capital sourcing in starting out her firm, she said;

“It was purely savings at first, I didn’t start with so much money, I had only 50 dollars when I started.”

Adding that despite the limited funds, her business managed to take off.

Jennifer Shigoli.

Jennifer's Advice to You.

There are various prerequisites for embarking on a new venture. Jennifer strongly believes in two:

1) To be informed in order to be guided through the field of entrepreneurship.

2) Be ready to fail in order to be successful.

"Mistakes and errors are part of learning process, moreover, if you can learn to be patient and continually improve yourself while enjoying your journey, the trip to every success will be pleasant as the destination,just do it!" ~ Jennifer Shigoli.

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