Meet Miss Tourism Worldwide Zambia.

Name: Mulenga Mumba.

Nationality: Zambian.

Occupation: Model — Environmental Health Student.

Title: Miss Tourism Worldwide Zambia 2018.

Curiosity... What greatness has it ever brought you? The word itself, so grossly related to the infamous cat that once was, is but an exceptional catalyst for greatness. One Zambian model; Mulenga Mumba, stands to attest to, as curiosity, is the very basis upon which she founded her career.

"I started modeling out of curiosity and the longer I spent time around models, I got to learn a lot. Eventually I loved being a model." ~ Mulenga Mumba.

Mulenga, is a 21 year old Zambian lady, currently holding the tittle of Miss Tourism Worldwide Zambia 2018. She was born in the city of Ndola in the Copperbelt Province, but raised within the capital, Lusaka. Mulenga is currently a forth year student at the Lusaka Apex Medical University, where she is pursuing a degree in Environmental Health. A place that saw the beginning of her modeling career, as she engaged in the university's pageant and emerged winner, scooping the title; Miss Apex.

Subsequently, Mulenga set course to broaden her career as a model. In recent months, Miss Mumba took part in the world renowned pageant; Miss Lumiere International World Zambia. The first of it's kind that sought out two Queens; Miss Lumiere International Zambia and Miss Tourism Worldwide Zambia, of which Mulenga was crowned. An experience she defined as amazingly beautiful, as it granted her the opportunity to represent Zambia in Singapore and Indonesia. Where she vehemently sold the country as the ultimate tourist destination. When asked what she enjoyed most about her trip, Mulenga spoke favourably of the social experience saying;

“I got to meet amazing people from all over the world, I got to experience new cultures and different ways of living.”

Mulenga Mumba.

As expected, the journey towards elevating her career as a model has presented it's challenges. For Mulenga, some of the hardships she has faced include; getting genuine endorsement deals, constantly keeping up appearances and even exploitation, which she spoke of with dismay.

"Lots of us models have experienced exploitation, it’s is very tiring, but all in all, it’s all worth it." ~Mulenga Mumba.

The future, could not seem brighter for the blossoming model and environmentalist. Going forward,  Mulenga's biggest aspiration as an environmentalist is to promote nature preservation. Looking to educate the masses on the benefits of going green, as she deems it the solution to preserve the environment for future generations.

As a model, Mulenga Mumba aspire to growth. Grooming herself so well that she inspires the next generation of models as she stands to be a great example.

Mulenga Mumba.

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