Here's How the UTH Maternity Ward Received Over K200,000 Worth of Donations from Orca Deco Zambia.

Orca Deco Managing Partner, Mrs Wood and Medical Staff at Maternity Wing — UTH.

The Zambia University Teaching Hospital (UTH), has received a donation worth K223,695 for its Maternity Wing from prominent furnishing chain store Orca Deco Zambia.

Following its pledge to donate to five charities and institutions at its recently held 5th-anniversary celebrations, Orca Deco Zambia set forth to fulfil the stated agenda by adopting the UTH Maternity Ward as its first charitable recipient.

Mattresses, pillows, Christmas gifts and decorations, suited for the festive season. Were all given and gratefully received in merry spirits by the Principal Nursing Officer, Mrs Mwila Shamalavo before other medical staff.

“Our core mission as a maternity ward is to provide health, safety and shelter for newborns and mothers. We appreciate the donation which will assist us greatly in accommodating our patients and meeting their domestic needs while they are in our care." Said Mrs Shamalavo, going on to cheerfully conclude by adding: "Moreover, this close to Christmas, the festive decorations will bring a cheerful spirit to the hospital.”

Recognizing the need for companies to adhere to Corporate Social Responsibilities, Orca Deco Zambia holds health care as a top priority, deeming it to be of high importance to the community. National Managing Partner, Rayan Sharara said so at the charitable event held at UTH, where he went on to commend the medical staff for their hard work saying:

“We would like to recognise the hard-working staff of UTH and hope that the donated products will add value to the facilitation of their roles in healthcare. We also encourage everyone to help in any way possible to ensure that Zambia’s future generation is born in healthy conditions.”

The furniture store founded in Senegal 17 years ago, that has grown its presence in 18 countries across Africa, began operations in Zambia in 2013. This store, seen to be intent on 'refurbishing' lives,  has since been committed to the betterment of the Zambian community.

In the months to follow, Orca Deco Zambia will continue to donate to charities in partnership with the We Keep Moving initiative, championed by its founder; Lulu Haangala Wood.

“The We Keep Moving Initiative is grateful to be able to collaborate on such a meaningful project that seeks to change the lives of the vulnerable in society,” added Mrs Wood.

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