Why We Love The Shikapwashas.

She often adorns her body in carefully picked out clothing, that allures every eye watching from behind the screen. Just as it typically does bystandersas we would like to imagine. Her choice of colour her pick of garment, is one that would cause you to think she abides to the whispers of some sort of fashion god. We are tempted to call her Goddess. Mrs Shikapwasha, better known as Salma Sky, typically commands the masses with a weapon as simple as clothing. Yes, quite ironic in an era that grossly utilizes bare bodied tactics to make headlines. Salma Skyis amongst the thriving few who do not dare to.

Beside her, stands her husband. Dark… considerably tall and dapper. Mr Tivo Shikapwashaholds his on. Clean cut suits  simply elegant ensemble, that sits between two Ds: Daring and debonaire. The couple is always stunningly in sync. Does Mrs Shikapwasha, pick out both their vogue apparel? We wonder. Assuming only God knows.

Mr and Mrs Shikapwasha.

Our adoration for the Shikapwashas is a little over the moon.
 And this right here, is a confession piece that dares to tell it all. Care to burrow in? 

Married for approximately six years... Blessed with four beautiful children. Having thriving carriers… And seemingly keeping up their stature in elite social circles. Incredible. What's not to love about them?

Salma, is musically gifted, working adeptly within the Zambian music industry for a reasonable number of years. She has grown immensely, to ultimately contribute toward placing the country on the International scene with her hypnotic Afro-pop sound. Her collaboration with Ghanian dance hall artist; Kaakie, was fundamental in this. The upbeat rhythm is one that rocked the airwaves in the year 2017. Since the release of this collaborative piece: 'Zambezi', Salma has gone on, putting out other outstanding songs. Each showcasing a different side to her. None failing to deliver excellence.

Our irrefutable favourite has to be one called; Kakabalika. My, is it captivating. It's lyrical content relays an appreciative message to all grandmothers, especially Salma's own. She believes these women are the backbone of every family. Saying their role of instilling morals, cultural values and words of affirmation in the young, is one that is essential and often overlooked by society. We could not agree more. Triple threat, is another one of her songs, that stood out for us. This particular one, showcased Salma's rarely heard wordplay, frolicking with the art of rap, in a visually appealing video. Directed and overseen by her dear husband and partner; Mr Shikapwasha himself. 

Tivo, flourishes alongside his wife. Together, the couple has acted as a prominent instigator of growth within the Zambian creative industry. The dapper man, also proving to be a visionary, is the President-Elect of the Zambian Association of Music (ZAM). A post he has held since early last year: 2017, in the month of May, with a term set to last till 2020. Mr Shikapwasha, has worked in multiple commendable roles, all within the creative sphere, as you might have guessed. Country manager of TRACE TVGeneral manager of Kwese and Creative Director of Power Fm, to name a few. Tivo Shikapwashya, is definitely one to follow.

The Shikapwashas.

However, what we adore most about the Shikapwashas, has little to do with their profound accomplishments. Regardless of them being worth beholding. But rather their unrelenting show of unapologetic matrimonial affection. You know, how they occasionally gift us with flirtatious shots, often having the two looking utterly smitten, as if they were engaged in a scandalous teenage affair. 

We absolutely love it.

Can someone explain why the two do not have a fan page? Better yet, a reality show. Sounds slightly crazy. But let's delve into our imagination for a second: The camera closes in on a decent modern home. Inside, the atmosphere is cosy and seemingly warm. Their furniture coloured black and white... brightened with a dash of ruby red, deems the home vibrant. Captured in the frame is Mrs Shikapwasha, seated in an opulent looking black leather couch. She seems to be holding something delicately in her arms. What could it be? Her beautiful baby girl. The two are dressed in matching clothing. Grey bottoms and white t-shirts. Down the hallway comes Mr Shakapwashya, prancing along as their three other kids follow. Occasionally, he turns to stop the two older ones from bickering, lest they wake their little sister, who might be soundly sleeping in mother's arms  that's trouble. Imagine being granted access to this. Studio sessions.Video shoots. Exclusive prestigious events. And the overall work to family balance.


Much to the point. In all of this, we ultimately respect Salma and Tivo Shikspwasha, for relaying a key message. One that lies in the very photographs they share willfully, and the bits and pieces of their love, they sprinkle into the public domain. Each spreading a subtle but invaluable message to those who look to them. Undoubtedly communicating that romance does not end at I do. It carries on. Intently picked out apparel or playful styling, does not cease when bridal shopping does. It extends. And that two in matrimony, really… truly… means one. For they frequently demonstrate vividly, what a team should look like. Exactly what sportsmanship is. 

With all that saidlet us briefly enumerate that which makes the Shikapwashas utterly amazing. You know, for the road. Sohere we go, it has to be:

  1. Their vogue sense of style.
  2. Their thriving careers within the creative industry.
  3. Their family values.
  4. Their public show of genuine affection.

What about you?

We would genuinely love to hear from you. 

What is it you absolutely love about the Shikapwashas?

There has to be something. Definitely.

Or maybe, you too would binge-watch their reality show?

Come on. Don't be shy. 

Let us know in the comment section below. 

Salma and Tivo Shikapwash

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